We report your online analytics

You might have wondered why some businesses are so escalated and a hype in online market? Wel those businesses have actively monitoring their current online presence and which helps them taking better decisions in online marketing strategies. Online Presence Analysis is important is since it establishes you a benchmark which will in turn help you analyse and report future performances. Augmatic sends you online presence analysis reports which you can safely record and refer to in future. Analytics is a key to success for who realise its importance.


Key Benefits of getting online presence analysed

  • Gain Insight
  • Evaluate Current standing
  • Glimpse of key competitors
  • Customer likes and dislikes
  • Dicover opportunities
  • Better Engagement
  • Benchmark Evaluation
  • Helpful for future reference
  • Discover missing elelments
  • Visibility Analysis
  • What we deliver in online presence report

    • A full review report compiled document
    • Key Points to consider in future online strategy
    • Telephonic call follow-up
    • Possible blacklisted reputation areas

    Website Audit Services

    Augmatic also covers website audit services so you dont need to search for it elsewhere. Our premium audit tools provides a comprehensive report of prominent SEO factors such as meta titles, descriptions, headings, alt tags etc. This audit service helps you to refine areas of improvement. A premium audit service provider needs to have sufficient experience in analysing websites so it can highlight key areas to improve. These hidden issues and silently keeping you back in the competition. Revamp your website performance through our comprehensive website diagnosis and audit service.

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    Growth in keyword ranking

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    Increase in Organic traffic

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    Increase in Top 10 ranking

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    Increase in Visit duration