Fire a boost in your company ranking with Augmatic PPC services

PPC gives you opportunity to to target the right people in search engines.

How Paid Ads Work

Google and other search engines like Bing allow you to get clicks to your website in two of the either ways. But both target viewers on the base of relevancy and their interest. For Display Ad Network search engines may track viewers interest based on their past network activity. On the other hand, Search Network Ads clearly catch up user interest from the keywords it is searching.

Display Ad Network

Display ads as the name suggests, brings you the ability to visually advertise images or banners. Google has laid down some principals and rules for their ad features. Display Ads has the power to view your ads and bring visitors to your website from across a large network of website approximately counting up to 2 million. Also Display Ad Networks can bring you up to 60% more Click through rate than the Search Ad Network. Augmatic helps you design the best Display ads which are optimal in performance and manage they run smoothly.

Search Ad Network

Google Search Ad Network runs similar to search organic optimisation technique. Your ads are displayed in text format similar to other search results and is accompanies with a small string "Ads". Although their click through rates are lesser than Display ads, Search Ad Network have better conversion rates and brings relevant visitors to your website/app. However, an experienced Pay per click company brings you higher more clicks at a lesser rate. A that is what Augmatic is expert at - Optimizing your PPC Campaign!

Our PPC (Pay Per Click) Services process

Our Pay per click campaign services goes through a comprehensive process which is tailored to meet the best possible results for ad campaign.

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Website Audit & Analysis

We look for your current website standings and its relevant competitors. Audit helps us marking a benchmark for future reference.

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Picking up the best set of Keyword

Through selection from various ad keyword planners, our target is to achieve the minimum cost for a click to your website.

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Ad creation and content copywriting

Your content is the primary reason that your website would be relevant to the keywords a user is searching. Our professional content-writers bring in the top-rated contents for your landing pages.

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Bid Targeting

We narrow down your ad display to certain group of users that are searching for your relevant keywords so you not on "Bid" but "Target & Bid"

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Campaign Launch

Your PPC ad campaign is launched and a consistent session of monitoring stays while campaign is live. The most efficient set of keywords are tuned-in so you get the most out of it.

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Client Reporting and Comparison

What most critical part is left? Client reporting is crucial step and our comprehensive reports are submitted with all performance improvements from benchmark level.